A downloadable game for Windows

A 3D game made in Unity, for UniJam, in three days, by three people.

Halt! Are you a crime? Are you a cyber_crime-inal? Then you'd better buy turrets and 'firewalls' to defend yourself against robots while hacking terminals to accrue income.

Explore and hack as many "ATMs" as you can find. The more you hack, the harder it will be to avoid the deadly robots. There's no end game (yet). Just have fun defending yourself.

Bug: one game, one life.
You can't re-spawn as intended when you die. Sorry folks, you'll have to restart the .exe. (GameJam ended before we spotted this).

Made with <3 by:

-Made for a 360 Controller, but Keyboard/Mouse is supported.

Keyboard Controls
Move :: WASD
Look :: Mouse
Hack :: Space or E
Weapon change :: Scroll Wheel or Tab
Place weapon :: Left Mouse


We had a lot of fun making this for UniJam. After the jam we'll fix bugs and add features that we didn't have time for so it can live as a little standalone game :)

Install instructions

Unzip and run the EXE. Simple.


Cybercrimeinal_UniJam.7z 19 MB


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I think this is neat!